NWS Valley, NE - 2021-02-05 - NWS Weekend Snow Forecast

Here's the latest snowfall forecast for tonight into Saturday afternoon, with 1-4" expected. The snow develops after midnight, and ends by 12-3 pm Saturday. A winter weather advisory will be in effect for the purple shaded counties, with roads eventually becoming snow covered. And then another 1-3" of snow is forecast for Sunday. We're really adding it up this season. 😕

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February is National #PesticideSafety Education Month

February is National #PesticideSafety Education Month, and we’ll be testing your knowledge about safe handling practices all month! To learn more about why we use pesticides, visit Hint: It can involve 🌱🌽🦠🐁🦟 #NPSEM

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Students Across Nebraska Are Learning To Spot Unsafe Drinking Water

“There's a lot of distrust between the general public and the professional scientists,” asks Christopher Olson, a graduate student at the University of Nebraska. “And one of the most useful tools to bridge that gap is citizen science...the knowledge of science should not be hoarded and stored within government, or within upper echelons of professional science.”
“Who better to manage their own natural resources, then the people consuming them, if they’re trained, if they’re educated?” asks Olson, who works with the “Know Your Well” program, which has trained over 100 students how to collect water samples and then test them for pollutants.

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