Lincoln Wastewater Treatment Plant Biogas Fuel Startup

Way to go Lincoln!

Biogas turned into clean vehicle fuel begins flowing at Lincoln wastewater treatment plant | Local Government | 


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Meet the NWEA Scholarship Recipients

The NWEA Scholarship Committee received eight applications from the University of Nebraska from both Lincoln and Omaha. Scholarship Committee members discussed the applications via a conference call. The committee was impressed with the quality of the applications, and is proud to award five $1,000 scholarships. Below are the brief bios of the five scholarship recipients. We look forward to receiving even more applications next year.

Chris Bianchini is currently in the master's program in environmental engineering at UNL. He is taking graduate class part time and working part time in a work-study program with JEO Consulting Group. He is a member of the professional societies AWWA and SWANA and was previously the public relations chair of the NWEA UNL student chapter.

Sussan Moussavi is a PhD student in the environmental engineering program at UNL. She is the President of the UNL American Water Works Association and Nebraska Water Environment Association student chapters and is an annual volunteer at the World O! Water event and Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day.

Purity Muhia is currently a Master’s graduate student in Environmental Engineering at UNL and is expecting to graduate this May.

Noelle Mware is currently a graduate student pursuing a doctorate degree in environmental engineering in the civil and environmental engineering department at UNL with a planned graduation date of May 2021. Noelle’s dissertation is about PFAs in wastewater. Noelle regularly volunteers for UNL Recycle.

Naderi Nasrin is a Master’s graduate student in Environmental Engineering and is working on a thesis about antibiotic occurrence in streams. In the summers of 2018 and 2019 she was a mentor to undergraduates in the summer REU program at UNL.

Congratulations to all of the scholarhip recipients!!

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NOAA Wind Chill Chart Link - Be Careful Out There

The temperatures over the next few days is forecast to be dangerously cold. Please take precautions to be prepared for the cold weather especially when traveling or when you need to be outside. Exposed skin in the current weather conditions can lead to frostbite in as little as 10 minutes. Below is a link to the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart and other cold weather resources.

Be careful out there!

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