2017 Sidney Groundwater Festival

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The Public Education committee is looking for volunteers to help with the Western Nebraska Children’s Groundwater Festival on Friday April 28th in Sidney, NE. The festival is held at the Cheyenne County Community Center and the Lodgepole Valley Youth Camp. We will be presenting the Wastewater Jeopardy game to approximately 150 4th and 5th grade students. If you would like to help out with the festival, please contact Brittany Travers (brittany@e-equipmentsolutions.com | 402-880-0321) or Todd Sukup (wastewater@cityofsidney.org | 308-249-2224). Thanks for your continued support of the Public Education committee’s youth outreach program! 

"Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers"

The honor of induction into the "5 S" society is bestowed on members who contribute outstanding service to the success and progress of their associations by a vote of current members of the NWEA Select Society of Sanitary Sludge Shovelers.

New members receive the accolade of "elevation on the official shovel to the highest ridge on the sludge bed, with the title of Select Sludge Shoveler and all the honor, atmosphere, prerequisites, and dignity pertaining thereto."

NWEA Select Society of 
Sanitary Sludge Shovelers (Year)

Bates, Bruce 1998
Condon, Jim 1998
Crisler, Steve 1998
Dabbs, Joe 1998
Dobscha, Dave 1998
Dostal, Glen 1998
Ford, John 1998
Hirschbrunner, Dennis 1998
Jacobson, Dale 1998
Leigh, Deb 1998
Meisinger, Dave 1998
Ringenberg, Jay 1998
Sell, Jim 1998
Dahab, Mohamed 1999
Eggert, John 1999
Franklin, Pat 1999
Hillrichs, Don 1999
Kottwitz, Daryl 1999
Paulsen, Lori 1999
Alexander, Kathleen 2000
Helgoth, Roger 2000
Plummer, Chuck 2000
Bilek, Tony 2001
Sibert, Rick 2001
Sova, Ron 2001
Sprague, Scott 2001
Badger, Ralph 2002
Boling, Todd 2002
Gidley, Bill 2002
Jackman, Norm 2002
Trout, Paul 2003
Arends, Mike 2004
Pierce, Rob 2004
Christensen, Lyle 2005
Pfeffer, Kirk 2005
Miller, Tom 2006
Thomerson, Chuck 2006
Bakke, Brian 2007
Berggren, Eric 2007
Garton, Lynn 2007
Johnson, Chris 2007
Scarpello, Fred 2008
Sukup, Todd 2008
Brandt, Gary 2010
Stejskal, Jim 2010
Milius, Mike 2010
Winkler, Roger 2010
Kontor, Keith 2011
Mahony, Jim 2011
Aurit, Scott 2012
Bottorff, Ron 2013
 Protzman, Roger 2014
 Harger, Jon 2015
 Sykora, David 2016


Job Postings


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invites applications for the position of: 

Utility Service Person II

SALARY: Starting - $15.13/hour

Apply at:

Office, 300 Sixth Street, Rapid City, South Dakota

CLOSING DATE: Friday, April 14, 2017
4:00 pm, Mountain Time

The Rapid City Public Works Department is seeking qualified individuals for Utility Service Person II – Water Reclamation.

Application and information may be obtained at:




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Dale Jacobson Awards

Congratulations to Dale Jacobsen!!  2016 WEF Fellows and the Emerson Distinguished Service Medal Recipient.

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2016 JFC NWEA Banquet Videos

If you missed the Joint Fall Conference Banquet, you can check out the videos of the awards presentation here.

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2017 WEF Collection Systems Conference

The 2017 WEF Collection Systems Conference is coming to Omaha May 21-24.

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